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Kala Tenor and Baritone Updates

¬†Kala Tenor and Baritone updates The tenor ukulele is the most common uke nowadays, due to its deeper and more detailed/fuller tone. A ukulele tenor can be comfortable to perform and project the melodious tone. A list of the best tenor ukuleles available on the market with several various styles and at different prices. Different […]

Parts of ukulele

Beginners Guide for Ukulele

Beginners Guide for Ukulele Whether you are a full beginner who wants to learn a new instrument, a musician who wants to raise himself, or an enthusiast from ukuleles, there is a wide range of instruments on the market. They continue to increase in popularity. The accessibility of the Ukulele is one of the great […]

mahalo bass series

Mahalo Introduction & Series

Mahalo Introduction & Series Mahalo is the world’s most popular ukulele brand. They have a large variety of great quality models that come in many sizes such as soprano, tenor, and baritone. Mahalo brings a large collection of colored ukuleles to the premium market. You can count on Mahalo to bring competitive prices with reliable […]