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Benefits of Learning Scales on Ukulele – Best and Easy Way to Improve

If you want to make your ukulele learning faster, then firstly you need to prepare for its scales. After that, you will be able to play ukulele. Before moving further, you need to be aware of what the scales actually are. What is Ukulele Scale? Ukulele includes pitches in an ascending or descending manner that […]

Buy Perfect Ukulele Sizes for Kids – That Kids Will Surely Love

Ukulele for Kids

The ukulele is a fun instrument that can aid your singing and be the starting point of your own compositions. Ukulele is a 4-string instrument from the guitar family and is quite small compared to a normal acoustic guitar. Since the instrument is small, it can be played by both kids and adults as it […]

4 Reasons To Learn Ukulele During The Pandemic

stay home and play uke

As the world battles on against a global pandemic and society adjusts to a ‘new normal’, health and well being is the topic at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

With more free time than we know what to do with, many Instagram feeds are plastered with freshly baked banana bread and at at-home yoga sessions; the lack of external noise has really given us the opportunity to focus on ourselves and what we love & has helped us discover meaningful ways to fill our time.

Perhaps your guitar is collecting dust from your punk rock days? Or your cello stands alone in the loft? Here are some reasons below why playing a musical instrument is the best way to nourish your soul during lockdown;

1- Keeps the mind sharp…