Kala Tenor and Baritone Updates

 Kala Tenor and Baritone updates The tenor ukulele is the most common uke nowadays, due to its deeper and more detailed/fuller tone. A ukulele tenor can be comfortable to perform and project the melodious tone. A list of the best tenor ukuleles available on the market with several various styles and at different prices. Different […]

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Beginners Guide for Ukulele

Beginners Guide for Ukulele Whether you are a full beginner who wants to learn a new instrument, a musician who wants to raise himself, or an enthusiast from ukuleles, there is a wide range of instruments on the market. They continue to increase in popularity. The accessibility of the Ukulele is one of the great […]

Flight Centurion Tenor Electric

Flight Introduction & Product Updates

Flight Introduction & Product Updates Flight, which is rooted in Slovenia, has flourished into an international brand with worldwide popularity. The Flight is a youthful and vibrant company with a distinct look and a deliberate emphasis on the brand’s image. The online community for Flight is incredibly active. Although Flight is best known for its […]

mahalo bass series

Mahalo Introduction & Series

Mahalo Introduction & Series Mahalo is the world’s most popular ukulele brand. They have a large variety of great quality models that come in many sizes such as soprano, tenor, and baritone. Mahalo brings a large collection of colored ukuleles to the premium market. You can count on Mahalo to bring competitive prices with reliable […]

Uke Universe/ Stan ‘’EatMyUke’’ interview March 2021

Tell us Stan about your general background I am 31 from Hull, Yorkshire UK. I played football growing up and loved to travel in my early twenties. When I was young I was a PlayStation junkie. I loved geeking out on fantasy video games and fantasy films (still a HUGE Skyrim fan). Over the last […]

Best Affordable Ukuleles Brands under £99 for beginners – Ukulele Sale On Christmas

In all fairness, there are hundreds of brands and options. All the ukuleles are perfect for beginners and beyond. Types of Ukulele sizes and Brands: soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone. While they all look very similar, each size affects the playability and tone of the instrument. The right ukulele should meet your quality and budget […]

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Easy songs to play on the Ukulele for Beginners – Christmas Season

There’s no better time than the Christmas season to find out how easy it is to play the ukulele with an instrument. Christmas carols are inherently catchy, simple, and easy to learn, which makes them a great way for people of all ages to learn the ukulele. But learning these songs will be a great […]

Christmas ukulele Gift

Christmas Gift Ideas For Ukulele Players – That Will Totally Love

Whether you’ve been friends for more than 10 years or all of your life, your best friend is special to you, and that means he deserves a gift that is extra thoughtful. Right? Whether it’s the holidays (now it’s a good time to get a head start on your Christmas shopping!), Your birthday, or a […]

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Avoid Mistakes That Make Your Ukulele Sound Bad – Impact On Your Personality

It’s time to change your mind. If you’re just locked in and practicing in a room where no one can hear you, hearing out of tune chords and notes can make you feel uninspired and wonder why you sound so bad. We’d like to give you a few pointers before you get started. Hopefully, you […]

Snail Ukulele

Top Classic Snail Ukulele Models Under £300 Range – Only For Ukulele Fans

Do you like Snail Ukulele? Snail is a brand that is relatively new in the United Kingdom. Snail Ukulele offers quality, style, and performance in a wide range of ukuleles. A variety of woods such as koa, mahogany, zebrawood, and many more and Get your favorite snail ukulele today and start strumming! Snail UKT-E598 Tenor […]