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Ukulele for Kids

Buy Perfect Ukulele Sizes for Kids – That Kids Will Surely Love

[section label=”Hero” bg=”7034″ padding=”150px”] [/section] [divider height=”0px”] The ukulele is a fun instrument that can aid your singing and be the starting point of your own compositions. Ukulele is a 4-string instrument from the guitar family and is quite small compared to a normal acoustic guitar. Since the instrument is small, it can be played […]

Ukulele shop

5 things to know before buy your first Ukulele!

[ux_image id=”5706″] [divider height=”0px” margin=”2.4em”] 1. Set a price We don’t expect newbie Uke players  to spend fortunes on their first instrument, but it’s perhaps worth bearing in mind when buy a Ukulele, (like most items!) you generally get what you pay for. At Uke Universe we offer a range of prices to get you […]

Ukulele for beginners

5 Ukulele tips for beginners

Hey there, these are our personal top 5 tips for playing the Ukulele for a beginner:
1. Buy a proper ukulele not a toy
2. Learn how to hold your ukulele, and sit/stand comfortably…