There are 4 main sizes in Ukuleles – Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone.

The Soprano Ukulele is the most common and plays that renowned ‘’traditional Ukulele sound’’ most associated with the instrument. It’s modestly sized at 20 inches (51cm) and makes a great travel companion for kids and grown ups!

Coming in at 23 inches (58cm), the Concert Ukulele has a longer neck whilst the general body of the instrument is also bigger; there is more room in-between frets which make it a little easier to move your fingers around the fret board (very useful for adults!) It’s similar sounding to a Soprano but definitely louder!

The next size up to the Concert is the Tenor Ukulele. Approximately 26 inches (66cm) long and sounds louder/deeper – not too dissimilar to a guitar and perhaps less like a Ukulele. The Tenor Ukulele is played by many professionals, so this instrument is often more widely chosen by intermediate and above players.

The final and largest sized Ukulele is a Baritone 30 inches (76 cm). The tone of the instrument is very deep & full- sounding very similar to a guitar (loud also). This is the most rare Ukulele size as it’s a little bulky so cannot be very easily transported; choose this instrument once you’re ready to hit the stage and entertain the masses!

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