Electric Ukulele

Electric Ukulele RISA

The Electric Ukulele is a type of Ukulele, which is electrically amplified but still, can play acoustically. It is great if you are going to play live in front of an audience or having some fun in the garden on a sunny day. Ready to get some electricity into your life!?

You can find a risa electric ukulele with a solid body like the Mahalos and Risa ones. Also, you can find the most common Electric Ukuleles which are Electro-Acoustic.

Electro-Acoustic Uke’s have a pickup built-in. This means you can plug your ukulele into an amplifier or through an FX pedal- and rock all night (and day) long!

With both types, you will be able to play live music or have some fun with the world of FX pedals. All ukes include our Next Day Free delivery policy.

Electric ukulele

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Showing 1–12 of 13 results