Enya NexG 2N Classical Black Smart Electric Guitar

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Introducing NEXG 2

The Ultimate Smart Audio Guitar Experience

Unleash a new world of guitar possibilities. From looping and effects to fingerstyle and recording, NEXG 2 empowers musicians of all skill levels to create, explore, and enjoy. Perfect for both budding artists and experienced players, it’s the ultimate musical companion.

All-in-One Loop Guitar

Experience the future of guitar playing with the NEXG 2. This all-in-one instrument combines the versatility of a traditional acoustic guitar with the power of advanced audio technology. It’s a guitar, a loop station, an effects processor, and so much more, all packed into one sleek and stylish package.

Easy Loop Function

Discover Limitless Creativity with NEXG2’s Loop Function and Wireless Pedal: Set your musical ideas free with the onboard looper and wireless pedal. Effortlessly create, layer, and manipulate loops while the built-in drum beats and metronome keep you on point. With the added count-in feature and auto-correction, precise looping has never been easier. Say goodbye to timing challenges and unlock your full musical potential with NEXG2.

Integrated Effects and Drum Beats

Enhance your sound with the NEXG 2’s integrated effects and drum beats. Explore a range of built-in effects, from lush reverbs to gritty distortions. Choose from pre-programmed drum beats to add groove and texture to your performances. Shape your tone and keep the rhythm tight, all in one powerful instrument.

Wireless Speaker and Intuitive Interface

Connect your NEXG 2 to smart devices and enjoy music playback with vocal removal feature. The intuitive color touchscreen interface lets you control effects, loops, and settings with ease, giving you full control of your music experience.

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