Flight Diana Tenor Electro Ukulele SoundWave PU

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EAN: 3831120906395

Flight is thrilled to announce the Soundwave Pickup System, a pickup system that that uses phenomenal new technology to place control of the preamp and various effects at the fingertips of the player, whether the ukulele is plugged into an amplifier or not.

Performers are often at the mercy of a sound engineer when gigging. The Flight Soundwave Pickup System not only adds a new dimension to acoustic playing, but also gives the gigging musician complete control without the need of additional equipment other than a lead cable and the ukulele in their hand.

Bring style and grace to any event or performance with this tenor sized ukulele The stunning sound comes fromits solid cedar top supported by laminate walnut to the back and sides. This tenor ukulele is flourished with a very rich wood stain, golden tuners, in a stunning gloss finish. Every Diana ukulele comes with a bone nut and saddle, and Worth Brown fluorocarbon strings.

  • Body Shape – Tenor (18 frets)
  • Top – Solid Cedar
  • Back & Sides – Stained Walnut
  • Bridge – Purplewood
  • Neck – Okoume
  • Fretboard – Purplewood
  • Nut & Saddle – Bone
  • Position Markers – 5th, 7th, 10th and 12th frets.
  • Electronics – SoundWave Active Pick Up with effects – reverb, delay, chorus
  • Premium Features – SoundWave Pick Up, Slotted Headstock, Gold Tuners, Abalone Rosette, Worth Brown Strings.

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Flight Diana Tenor Electro Ukulele SoundWave PU

The Flight Diana Soundwave Tenor combines the incredible Flight Diana Tenor with the Flight Soundwave Pickup System. The Flight Diana Tenor Electro Ukulele, a member of the Flight Princess Series, features a solid cedar top with laminate walnut back and sides. The amazing Flight Soundwave Pickup System adds acoustic or amplified effects, with or without plugging in–complete control of the effects is located on the ukulele itself. Finally, every Flight Diana comes with a bone nut and saddle, Worth Brown fluorocarbon strings, and the Flight Deluxe Gig Bag.

Cedar is a tonewood for ukuleles, renowned for its vivid clarity and volume. A lovely walnut laminate wood is paired with the all-solid cedar top to give a deeper look and feel closer to rosewood. The combination of the two planks of wood creates an unrivaled depth of tone. An all-body polish adds much more divine to the beautiful rich stain of the walnut, making this ukulele truly breathtaking. Worth brand strings are well appreciated by both experienced and amateur musicians. These fluorocarbon strings have a quality and projection that reveals the beautiful tone of these instruments, which provide a complete enjoyment for each note.

Specifications of Flight Diana Tenor Electro Ukulele SoundWave PU:

MODEL:  Electro Acoustic Ukuleles

EAN: 3831120906395


Body Shape: Tenor (18 frets)

Top: Solid Cedar

Back & Side: Laminate Walnut

Bridge: Purplewood


Neck: Okoume

Fretboard: Purplewood

Nut & Saddle: Bone

Nut Width: 35mm

Strings: Worth Brown


Electronics: Soundwave active pickup with effects – reverb, delay, chorus

Position Markers: 5th, 7th, 10th, and 12th fret.

Premium Features: Soundwave pickup with effects, Slotted Headstock, Golden Tuners, Abalone Rosette, Worth Brown Strings, Side Dots.

Deluxe 15mm padded gig bag, instructional booklet, and sticker pack included!








4 Strings

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