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The Flight GUT850 Solid Top Guitarlele is a guitarlele that comes with a solid spruce top and mahogany body. This model features six strings on the body of the baritone ukulele, including A and D in the bass. The Flight GUT850 is tuned in ADGCEA, which is standard for ukuleles. It is a great instrument for guitar players looking for an ukulele-like feel.

Spruce top

The Kala Guitarlele is a unique cross between a guitar and ukulele. Its lightweight design makes it perfect for players of all skill levels. It features a 45mm nut width for ease of playing. It’s also tuned ADGCEA for optimal sound.

This solid top guitarlele features a mahogany body and spruce top. The gut850 has six strings on its body, the same number of strings as a baritone ukulele. The guitar is tuned with a capo on the fifth fret. The GUT850 also comes with a quality gig bag and a guide.

EADGBE tuning (Flight GUT850 Solid Top Guitarlele)

This EADGBE-tuned FLIGHT GUT850 Solid Top Guitarlele comes with a padded case. It features standard guitar tuning with a low learning curve. In addition, the size and tone of the instrument make it a good choice for a beginner because it will allow you to learn two instruments at the same time.

To get the best possible sound from your guitalele, you should tune it to the same tuning as your guitar. A standard guitar tuning is ADGCEa, with the capo on the fifth fret. Aquila makes guitalele strings in standard and high E tunings.

Heavy gauge classical strings

The Flight GUT850 Solid Top Guitarlele has a mahogany body and solid spruce top. It features six strings on the body, ranging from bass to baritone. It uses standard ukulele tuning, with the A and D strings in the bass. This instrument has a high-quality sound and is a good choice for beginning guitarists.

Nylon guitar strings come in different gauges, from light to heavy. While steel strings tend to increase linearly from high to low E, classical strings have non-linear diameters. Compared to steel strings, classical strings are thicker, particularly the treble strings.

Ernie Ball has several string gauges, from 7 to 12. While these are a bit heavy for the guitalele, they are easily replaced with other strings. The strings are also available in electric form, if you want to play electric. Ernie Ball guitar strings are at the premium end of the market, but they will retain their tone for a long time.

Instrument Group Instruments
Product Type Ukulele
Brand Flight Music Ukuleles
Year of Publication 2022
EAN 3831120911573
Edition Number 6303




4 Strings


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