ISUZI CK01 Dark Red Celtic Knott Leather Guitar Strap


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The ISUZI CK-01 Black Celtic Style Guitar Strap is a high-quality guitar strap designed for both comfort and style. The strap is made from soft, durable leather in a light brown colour, which feels comfortable, affordable and unique style with the Celtic symbols on the guitar strap.

The strap features a unique Celtic design, which gives it a distinctive and eye-catching look. The design is intricately woven into the leather, creating a textured surface that adds depth and dimension to the strap.

The ISUZI CK-01 Light Brown Celtic Style Guitar Strap is a stylish and comfortable accessory for any guitar player. Its unique design is sure to make a statement on stage or in the studio, and its durable construction makes it a great investment for any musician looking for a high-quality strap that will last for years to come.


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