Octopus Clip-on Tuner with LCD screen


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The new Octopus OC-440 clip-on tuner offers accurate tuning for a range of instruments and covers a broad frequency spectrum.

It has instrument-specific modes for Ukulele, Guitar, Bass and Violin. In addition, the Chromatic mode allows for even more instruments to be tuned – if you can clip your tuner to it, chances are you can tune it!
To change modes, simply press and release the power button located to the right of the screen.
The screen is easy to read in a variety of practice and performance settings thanks to its 360 degree screen rotation function and backlit display. The default display colour is orange, which changes to green to indicate that correct pitch has been reached.

The OC-440 is set to standard pitch A4 = 440Hz with a tolerance of approximately 1 cent.
The tuner is powered by a single CR2032 3v battery, and battery life is conserved by the automatic power-down function which takes effect after a couple of minutes.
Ukulele/Guitar/Bass/Violin/Chromatic tuning modes
Colour-change LCD display Requires 1x 3V lithium battery (included)


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