Skills Children Can Learn By Playing The Ukulele at home

The ukulele is a fun instrument for children that grins after the first string is plucked. Ukulele is easier for kids as they are small and easy to play, and are relatively inexpensive when compared to other instruments. 

A Good Starter Ukulele For Kids

If you haven’t chosen an instrument yet, you may want to start with a soprano ukulele. Soprano ukes are the smallest size of the ukulele for children, the other sizes are concert, tenor, and baritone. Music teachers often recommend these from Kala, people like them because they are well built, reasonably priced, and sound really good. 

Color can be an important factor when buying a ukulele for children because children love colors. Another highly recommended ukulele for kids is the Kala Makala Dolphin soprano ukulele. It comes in eight colors and kids will really love the look. It is also widely considered to be one of the best starter models.

Ways to Learn Ukulele at home

  1. Ukulele music book
  2. Watch CD/ DVD of Learning Ukulele
  3. Book a Private Lesson
  4. Online Ukulele Courses
  5. Find a Ukulele Group

With everything available on the internet today, the average person can learn any skill with just one click. However, the traditional way of learning through the pages of books has still proven its worth, especially with people who don’t want to be distracted by the temptation to get stuck on social media.

  • Ukulele Music Book – A book delivered lots of compliments from ukulele all over in the world. which provides you with all information regarding the history of the ukulele like how to play, and even fantastic songbooks for children. You will dig deeper into hands-on exercises including the anatomy of a ukulele, types of ukuleles, tuning and plucking strings, reading and selecting chord tables, etc.
  • Watch CD/ DVD of Learning Ukulele – The second way to learn ukulele is with the CD and DVD combo, which lets kids learn to play songs right away. This kit includes a book, CD, and DVD that describe how to hold the instrument and tune the strings. It also teaches kids how to play chords, read music, and play songs like Ode to Joy, Across the Rainbow, and When the Saints Invade.
  • Book a Private Lesson – A private lesson is one of the best ways to improve your skills in the meantime. It’s almost like having a personal trainer or coach that you exactly what to do.
  • Online Ukulele Courses / Ukulele Group – Many of my students find online ukulele courses the best of both worlds while attending a ukulele group. With the online courses, you have your own space to improve your skills and with the ukulele group, you have a space to share and enjoy your gifts with others.

Learning the ukulele will improve your child’s confidence, improve coordination, and develop the skills to make them successful as ukuleles. One of the best reasons to learn Ukulele lessons for children is that playing the ukulele is fun. Since it is small and easy to learn, children get excited as they quickly learn to play with fun songs and melodies.

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