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Top Classic Snail Ukulele Models Under £300 Range – Only For Ukulele Fans

Do you like Snail Ukulele? Snail is a brand that is relatively new in the United Kingdom. Snail Ukulele offers quality, style, and performance in a wide range of ukuleles. A variety of woods such as koa, mahogany, zebrawood, and many more and Get your favorite snail ukulele today and start strumming!

Snail UKT-E598 Tenor

If you’re a beginner, the UKT-E598 Tenor ukulele model delivers an amazing look, sound, cost and will always be in my backpack. Snail UKT-E598 ukulele consists of an (ebony body) with 19 frets. It’s a lovely ukulele with nice purfling for beginners that contrasts very well with the rich rosewood laminate.

Snail UKT-E598 Tenor - UkeUniverse

To some, it may look a bit blingy, and strap button to make it easier to play with. It’s a comfy ukulele to hold a light for a laminate because the guys at Snail made a nice thin soundboard and didn’t overwhelm the internal supports.

Snail UKC-458E Concert Ukulele

Secondly, Classic Model UKC-458E comes from the mahogany scroll series and features a mahogany body that provides a warm, earthy tone.  

Snail UKC-458E Concert Ukulele - UkeUniverse

The concert size is slightly larger and corresponds to the perfect balance between soprano and tenor.

Snail UKS-215E Soprano Ukulele

A ukulele consists of a zebrawood body with an ebony fingerboard with 16 frets. The soprano size of the UKS-215 is ideal for beginners to advance. 

Snail UKS-215E Soprano Ukulele - UkeUniverse

The high-quality construction offers a soft feel and produces great sound with a wide range of varied tones.

Snail UKC-480E Zebrawood Concert Ukulele

The UKC-480E is a full zebrawood body from the Snail Zebrawood series. This tonewood offers an exotic and unique look compared to other ukes on the market. 

Snail UKC-480E Zebrawood Concert Ukulele - UkeUniverse

The concert size is the next larger than the soprano and ideal if a soprano ukulele feels a little too small.

Snail SUT-M1 Tenor Mahogany Ukulele Gloss Finish 

Snail SUT-M1 Tenor provides an amazing sound system and warm tones for players of all abilities. The body is then finished in a really nice gloss that doesn’t look overly thick and really highlights the grain. 

Snail SUT-M1 Tenor Mahogany Ukulele Gloss Finish - UkeUniverse

This is also made of mahogany and consists of three parts with extremely well-hidden joints on the heel and headstock. It’s shiny too but doesn’t feel too sticky or grippy.

Electro-Acoustic Tenor Ukulele

Mahogany offers warmer tones, spruce tops are light and vibrate well. A ukulele only has 4 strings compared to a 6-string guitar. It’s less complex to learn and the chords are easier to hold. Mahogany offers warmer tones, spruce tops are light and vibrate well. 

Electro Acoustic Tenor Ukulele - UkeUniverse

Other typical tonewoods are koa, cedar, rosewood, redwood, and maple. When discussing Electro Acoustic Ukulele, there are many different body types with different colors. With semi-acoustic models such as figure eight, paddle, or even pineapple, the shape influences the natural acoustics and projection of the instrument.

At last, the styling of the range is very good, the materials used are good, and appears to be excellent. Given these points, plus the very good sound quality and the fact that they come with free gig bags, we have to say that they are top models of snail ukuleles for their excellent prices according to budgets.

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