Which is the right age to buy a Ukulele for your kid?

Now is the time

With most parts of the world stuck in lockdown and many kids still off from school, there’s no doubt the boredom is well and truly settling in. You’ve probably tried it all; baking, cycling, colouring – the options are wavering fast along with your patience. 

For that reason, now is the perfect time to get your little one (or big one!) to try their hand at a musical instrument. With the power to evoke feelings and memories like no other outlet, music can lift your mood in a single strum…

Kid playing ukulele

3 to 4 years old

It’s been widely suggested at the very start of their journey, around the ages of 3-4, kids should focus less on a particular instrument. They should focus instead on developing their relationship with musical sounds. Try to nurture their love for instruments and encourage them to pick up & play whatever they like. Allowing them to create the sounds they enjoy as well as experimenting with volumes and beats. 

On the left you can see one happy customer of ours strumming away on the Hibiscus Mahalo. Check all the Mahalo Ukulele product range on ukeuniverse.co.uk/brand/mahalo .

5 years old

Around the age of 5, is when a lot of teachers/professional schools will start accepting pupils to teach. Remember that, kids learn languages, music and so on through a feedback loop. Their progress can be dependent on several external factors including their environment, their disposition & their physical dexterity to name a few. 

At the tender age of 5, most kids are still learning to be patient. And, although it may seem like their Mozart days are a long way off, they are constantly learning sound by sound, day by day. Experiment with music books, chord diagrams and lyrics – kids are very visual and love pictures!  

6 to 7 years old

Much research shows that around that when you’re little one gets to the ages of 6-7 most are well equipped to actually benefit from private lessons. It’s been suggested to pursue an instrument that doesn’t necessarily require the child to lift or hold it (i.e. drums/piano). 

This being said, the ukulele (being small & light in weight), provides an excellent option for learning melodies, chord shapes and strumming patterns which help coordination and listening development. Let’s not forget they also provide that special ‘fun factor’ which can be really great in kids who like to sing along as they play

Ukulele for beginners8 to 10 years old

Between the ages of 8-10 most kids are physically able to hold heavier instruments. These instruments can be both brass instruments & string instruments which usually require a higher level of strength and stamina. They have more nimble hands for fine tuning and their lungs are also better equipped for woodwind instruments! At this age there are a wider variety of choices available to kids and some may even want to start singing lessons! 

10+ years old

From 10 years onwards, the floor is theirs. By this point for a lot of children its quite apparent which instrument excites them the most. Continue on this journey with them and let them enjoy rich musical experiences to their little heart’s content! 

Like many people around the globe, we here at Uke Universe believe that music is one of life’s most enchanting pleasures. Aside from the obvious health benefits, 4 Reasons To Learn Ukulele During The Pandemic, every melody, sound, beat or rhythm can whisk you away to that special moment in time…just get strumming folks!

We, at Uke Universe don’t doubt the kids are getting pretty bored. Share this article with other parents that might need some help distractig their kids.

Ukulele For Children

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