Why to play Ukulele?

air guitar ukuleleYou’ve been putting it off for months. Years. Decades even! Here’s why now is the perfect time to channel your inner Rockstar and pick up that Ukulele.

But why not guitar I hear you cry? Or cello? I mean the harp sounds truly beautiful…there are endless reasons to choose the Ukulele and here’s our favourite few below.

You’ll be jamming in no time

There’s no argument – the ukulele is just easier to learn than other stringed instruments. Its nylon strings are much softer on your fingertips making chord formation easier for a beginner. Some ukulele chords are actually that simple they only require a couple of fingers – you’ll be making sweet music in no time!


As the world opens up & you get ready to embark on that long-awaited adventure don’t forget to pack your Ukulele. As one of the world’s smallest instruments, it’s lightweight and portable meaning travelling to your next concert destination will be a breeze.

Create your own songs

With its simplified chord shapes & strumming patterns, Ukuleles require a back-to-basics approach which can be really advantageous when creating and writing songs on the instrument. In the realms of music this might sound like a bad thing but in actual fact, establishing creative boundaries is really useful in providing direction in a world where there can be a limitless option.

Relatively inexpensive

A pretty obvious but very important one to note – learning a musical instrument is not cheap. Most guitars don’t get really good until you hit the triple figures range and if you decide to go with an electric there’s the additional cost of the amplifier & cables. Pianos, whilst a beautiful instrument, are also renowned for being costly which is increased further when adding the extra cost of lessons. The Ukulele however, being approximately an 1/8 the size of an average guitar, requires less time and materials to create – and so are often much less expensive.

Ukuleles do also come in a range of types and prices. Contact us and we can help you choose the best one for you.

Ukuleles are for everyone

Ukuleles are the sort of instrument that can be picked up by anyone and everyone around the globe. They’re easier to get your head around and are just a bit more chilled, without the unpretentious vibe that’s sometimes associated with other instruments…

The fun factor!

Finally, there’s no denying it – the Ukulele is super fun! Unlike other instruments, the Ukulele sounds are less commonly found in popular music so you can make your own songs, rhythms and style setting you apart from the rest!

Contact us and let us help you find the right instrument for you.

Happy Strumming folks!

Ukulele For Beginners

Check this selection of soprano ukulele for children with reasonable sound quality that fit the younger ukulele players. And are also fun not only to play but also to watch:


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